Saturday 11 October 2008

21 degrees, can't be October

Yet another beautiful Saturday - seemed a great opportunity to grab a last family outing in the the flyer.

Decided to meet my sisters at the beachut for bacon baps - the only problem with that is it's a lee shore landing... I should have known better.

After several waves over the back end I quickly turned the boat around and wave by wave eased the boat back into the water. Spent 10 mins bailing out!! Then anchored off the beach wondering how I would join the others... at least I had the lunch so they couldn't be eating already!! Adam Parsons heroically undressed to his 'scanks' and swam out with a dinghy.

As we are eating lunch Rebecca said "I don't mean to worry you, but hasn't your boat moved!!" NOOooooooooooooooooo... the constant pulling on the anchor rope meant it untied off the front. Adam back into his scanks whilst running across the beach (the alternative baywatch!), rescued the boat. I got the engine running and headed back out to find my floating rope!

That was almost the end of the fun, but loading 5 PLUS A DOG back onto the boat to return home was quite a spectacle. I hope we provided hours of amusement to others on the beach as I fought to get a big labrador into a 2 man dinghy and braved the waves!!

Definately one we will remember for a while!! and not try a lee shore landing again!!

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