Sunday 20 July 2008

Put your nets down the other side

After being in the 'upper room', 8 of us headed out for a quick fish (aka John 20). Those 'disciples' present were: James Tarrant, John Tarrant (almost the sons of Zebedee), John Woodgate, Mark Peddle, James Brown, David Austin, Andy Avery and myself. It turned out to be quite an evening.
With 3 fishing rods we lowered our feathers into the water (just off the end of Old Harry). The lines didn't feel right as they went down, so wound in to find we had all caught on all our hooks!! 11 fish in as many seconds!! Ended the evening with 55 mackerel... but sadly Jesus was not on the beach in the morning to cook our breakfast. Suspect a few talks will make reference to this evening!

Saturday 5 July 2008

Too early start...

I had a bright idea to start the day at 04:00 for a seriously early fish. Somehow mustered 6 friends: John Tarrant, James Tarrant, John Woodgate, James Brown, Andy Avery, David Austin so in the dark we arrived at Baiter in the pouring rain. Sadly baiter doesn't open till 6am !!!

So we launched at "Slipway" (aptly named road!!) next to the RNLI building. It was a rough old morning with limited visibility in the water, so feathers were not very succesful. James Tarrant landed the first fish, I kindly removed the hook, attempt the kill - but the fish made a last leap at the water. That was that last we saw of that one!!

Lesson for the day, don't start so early... stay in bed.